Selk Bag – Sleeping Bag with arms and legs

The Selk Bag sleeping bag was featured on last nights The Apprentice, after the teams had to pick products from inventors in a Dragons Den style and then sell to retailers.

The Lippi Selk Bag really quite a unique product and simply re-invents the traditional sleeping bag, by adding legs and arms.  The age old problem of sleeping bags is that you can’t move about once you’re in them, thus making the Selk Bag perfect for festivals, fishing or even just mooching around your (cold) house.

The Selk Bag sleeping bag is ideal right down to 0 degrees celcius and will keep your arms and legs perfectly snug, as well your head with the intergral hood on the sleeping bag.

Available in Army Green, Yellow, Black or Red and yours for just £89.99 from SPECIAL OFFER: Use discount code AOFF5 to get 5% off, making the Selk Bag sleeping bag just £85.49 – use code and buy now.

We reckon Sir Alan has got Nick and Margaret one of these for Christmas. ;)

> Buy now from

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